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$25.00 Massacre/Fear Factory
$35.00 VIP Both Haunts

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OPen Valentines weekend

The Massacre Haunted House is proud to announce we will be OPEN Friday The 13th of February and Saturday Valentines Day February 14th! Discount tickets are limited and are on sale now. This event is 100% Heated INDOORS, including the line waiting area.

For this special event there is NO SET PATH! This meaning you and your group can get lost or wonder within the relms of the Massacre for upto a hour or longer!

As if that is not enough, there are NO LIGHTS. You will be given a Red Glowstick to find your way through.

This will be by far the scariest event EVER at The Massacre! You will also get a sneak peak at 4 New Rooms we have added Since October!

Ghastly horrors prowl Massacre Haunted House in search of new victims and fresh screams. Inside, over 100 actors in full makeup startle wary explorers navigating more than 60 rooms strewn with gruesome scenes that would strike fear into the heart of any adult, teen, or amnesiac zombie. Unsettling mazes and living nightmares stand between brave souls and the exit, where a second haunt—Fear Factory 3-D—awaits to pull them deeper into the madness. Where the haunted house may have turned hairs white with the help of live actors, the factory coaxes screams with 3D special effects made possible with specialized glasses.

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